Taiwan Flooding

The recent flooding in Taiwan is a devastating event for the people living there, many have lost their homes, businesses and some have even lost their lives. Not only is the flooding devastating for them, it is also put a devastating blow on the computer industry.

Most, if not all of the hard disk drives in your computers and on store shelves were manufactured in Taiwan. The recent flooding has caused the manufacturing plants to shut down production of new hard drives and parts for hard drives. This is already causing a shortage of hard drives and an impact on the computer industry.

Both Seagate and Western Digital have said that there will be no more hard drives made until Q1 of 2012. Hard drives are already becoming scarce and have doubled and/or tripled in price. Stores, both online and brick and mortar, are going to see a big drop on hard drive and computer sales. A 1TB hard drive the once cost from $40-$60, now costs $130-$160.

With Christmas coming around the corner, many people were looking into getting a new desktop computer or laptop. With the price increase on hard drives, this will discourage most from purchasing a new computer system. Don’t let this stop you though! There are many other ways to go. There are tablet computers, which are ultra portable, easy to use and are becoming very popular. Refurbished desktops and laptops, which are still great systems (I use several myself) and are perfect if you are on a tight budget.

RedFox Computers has a small tip for you. If you are looking into getting a new computer system, purchase a system with the smallest hard drive available. Then once the price of hard drives drop back to where they were, buy a bigger hard drive and transfer your information onto that one. This will save you money and you will be able to get your new computer. RedFox Computer Services will be offering FREE transfer for all customers who purchase a new computer and then purchase a new hard drive when the prices drop!

My heart goes out to all those in Taiwan who were affected by the flood. Please donate to your local Red Cross and help those out in need!

Joseph Joudrey
-RedFox Computer Services

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